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Film Reel


"Beautiful Storm" - Epic Overture

The Darkness Within - Dark Trailer Music

A Better World - Uplifting Commercial

"Hammer of Cesare" - Grandiose Orchestral

"A Hero's Glory" - Triumphant Dramatic Cue

"A Fair Price For Trouble" - Film Score in the style of Thomas Newman

"La Bella Macchina" - Hopefull Introspective Commercial

"Suspension Bridge" - Tension Cue

"Force Locomotif" - Wedding March / Love Theme

"Wonder of the Unforeseen" - Epiphany Cue

"Olympus Mons" - Orchestral Battle Cue

"The Prince and the Clouds" - Flying Cue

Florence in October - Inspiring Ensemble

Orchestral Hybrid

"Telepathic Arms" - Suspenseful Orchestral Power Cue

"Slapshot" - Sports Action Cue

"The Ascent" - Driving Drum and Orchestra Cue

"Coming Home" (from the film Charlie) - Contemplative Dramatic Cue

"Slowly Dragged Away" - Film Score in the style of Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

"Broken Glass / Here's Johnny" (from the film Charlie) - Frightening Suspense Cue


"Crawling In From The Cold" - Film Score in the style of John Carpenter

"Psyche Evaluation / Taps" (from the film Charlie) - Industrial Rock Cue

"Branch Of The Metropolis" - Synth-Driven Trailer Score

"War Stories (from the film Lucas Cain)" - Frightening Synth and Sound Design Cue

"Natural Industrial" - Industrial Action Cue

"Knife Fight In The Woods (from the film Lucas Cain)" - Suspenseful Percussion Cue


"Manhattan King Trailer Score" - Magical Cue

"Black Castle" - Film Score in the style of David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti

"Remote Mission" (from the film Charlie) - Mysterious Suspense Cue

"Son Of A Witch" - Middle Eastern Theatrical Cue

"Wet Leaves, Dry Mind" - Wistful Cue