Trident 65 Analog Recording Consolse

NYC Recording Studio Gear Trident 65 Analog Console

The heart of our studio is our vintage analog console, the Trident 65. These vintage Trident Consoles are known for their amazing preamps, of which we have 32 available in the board for use simultaneously. Along with the punch and audio heat of these preamps, the Trident 65 houses some of the most musical british style EQs ever contained in a console.

We love recording and mixing through quality analog gear with the ability to edit everything digitally. Lot's of musicians love the ability to do a hands-on out of the computer mix, and with this lovely board, your mixes will be big, wide, and full of warmth. As far as we know, we are the only New York Recording Studio with a fully refurbed Trident 65 analog console. So come record through it and mix your tracks on this gentle beast.

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