UAD Little Labs VOG

NYC Recording Studio Gear UAD Little Labs VOG

Of the most essential aspects of a quality mix-especially amidst today's music scene and playback technology-is the low frequency range. The bass. Turning up what's down low. With the UAD Little Labs Voice Of God (VOG) Bass Resonance plug-in, there is no reason not to within the walls of our Midtown, Manhattan music studio.

Be it drums, bass guitar, vocals, or anything else, the Little Labs VOG will make the low end frequencies ring not only loudly, but with an unanticipated clarity. The operation is simple and to the point, with controls that alter the frequencies you want to affect, and by how much. Universal Audio has again accurately recreated a hardware predecessor, this time of the VOG's original 500-series hardware audio processor. It has it down to the fine print, and with it at our NYC recording studio, we will have your mix polished to the same precision.

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