Ableton Live 9

NYC Recording Studio Gear Ableton Live 9

These days there are so many different DAWs to choose from, and here at the studio we have the big three: Pro Tools, Ableton, and Logic. When it comes to recording in a professional studio environment Pro Tools is the "go to" program. It was designed specifically with recording in mind. Ableton's layout and design lends itself more to composition and sound design. We've been working with Ableton extensively since 2006 and since then has remained my main compositional tool.

From writing tracks for recording artists, to commercials, User Interface sound design, and film score, Live is so easy to use and intuitive that it just makes life easier. Since the upgrade to Live 9 with the inclusion of Max For Live and third party sound packs the sonic possibilities have become literally endless. While We've heard great things about Logic recently and its vast improvement since the last time I used it, which would be Logic 7, Live continues to push the boundaries and becomes more of a modular software all the time. We've been using it for years and feel like We've still barely scratched the surface.

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