JBL LSR 2300 Monitor Pair

NYC Recording Studio Gear JBL LSR 2300 Monitor Pair

In our second mixing room, we have a pair of JBL LSR 2300 Monitor Speakers. They have been really great speakers for us, providing a flat, true representation of the music we feed to them. These speakers have an innovation that creates a well-defined and incredibly dimensional stereo image, something which JBL calls Image Control Waveguide. It is really important that our B mix room sounds clear and clean since we do a lot of our editing and writing in that room. It is not our main mixing and mastering room obviously, but it is where we get a lot of the behind the scenes editing and mixing done. We don't generally do our final mixes in that room, but like music NYC recording studios, we have a lot of clients in here at one time and we want to accomodate them with multiple recording and mixing suites. If you find yourself editing or mixing in the B Room, you will get to enjoy these wonderful JBL speakers.

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