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Mirrortone News: Podcasting

November 20th, 2018 3:00pm

Mirrortone NYC Recording Studio Podcast Blog Photo

It has been a busy month of recording, editing, and mixing podcasts here at Mirrortone Studios. In the last few weeks alone we’ve recorded with six unique podcasters here in New York, totaling over 15 separate episodes. These podcasts range from scripted audio-plays, to intriguing interviews with prominent politicians, actors, and authors, to groups of friends discussing the intricacies of the current hip-hop community. Regardless of the topics of discussion, podcast format, and location - we take the utmost care of our podcasters and deliver beautiful sounding audio ready to be streamed on any service. We live in a podcast dominated world where radio has become the old form of sharing content; therefore having a recording studio in the heart of New York City provides a haven for podcasters to get up and running, while guiding them along the way.

If you’d like to hear some of these amazing podcasters in action feel free to check out their personal pages from the links below:

Truth Podcast
One Way Ticket Show
Lipps On Life

Orion recording his new solo EP

October 13th, 2016 1:15pm

Mirrortone NYC Recording Studio Orion Solo Album

A few years back we recorded the epic rock band The Orion Experience. They are really well known for their song "New York City Girl" which was used all over the world and placed on TV shows. These guys were the real deal and even had an Off-Broadway show once! Anyway, if you haven't heard of them, I suggest you go to Spotify right away and check them out. Anyhow, these last two weeks, among other projects, we have been on lock down in the studio with Orion Simprini recording his solo EP. I can't give away too much about how it is gonna sound, but it's sure to please. You can check out his work and follow his progress here.

September is a "mix" of composing and recording

September 21st, 2016 3:00pm

Mirrortone NYC Recording Studio Board with Logo

The month isn't even over yet, but we have already composed the music for three commercials for a major hotel company, recorded tracks for over 30 artists, and mixed tracks for hip hop, classical, sacred, pop, rock, and Broadway albums. In fact we've been so busy recording and composing that we've fallen short in writing about all of our wonderful clients! Big shout out to Vidanta, Taryn Productions, Kooman Dimond, New Politicians, Dead Eye Swagger, Maci Sumcox, Sherry Vine, Marcelo Mayan, and Mima Good. What a Month!!

Recording and Composing, the last two months in a nutshell

August 26th, 2016 4:51pm

Mirrortone NYC Recording Studio Board with Logo

What can I say about the last two months? I can start by saying it was so jammed pack that we couldn't even find the time to blog about it. We were so lucky to be booked solid with recording sessions, mixing albums, mastering singles, composing for web-series, tv shows, films, and commercials. The usual suspects were all here, and after this blog post rundown, I will be sure to go back and give each and everyone their own post.

We did a ton of work for the amazing people over at Spring Studio, and scored some truly wonderful fashion commercials for them. We finished mixing some of jLine's new upcoming songs and sequenced the masters for his album. We worked on a new amazing TV show called Bullock the Bruiser, working on both the composing and sound mixing for that project. We started mixing the sound for a short film soon to be series Lineage, which is going to be scary good (it's a suspense/horror film). We recorded the music for two cantorial albums (sacred Jewish classical music) for some really big singers and synagogues. We worked with a long time friend and amazing composer Gary Barnett on his new classical pieces, most notably his opera songs. We've also had the pleasure to work with a great new jewelry start-up, Vrai, on their first video campaign, composing original music for their elegant products. And of course, Dead Eye Swagger was in the studio rocking as hard as they possibly can, within the laws of physics. On top of all that awesomeness, our freelance engineers Jake and Ibrahim have been bringing in all of their talented clients to make some of the hottest records we've heard recorded at night.

OK, OK, that was a lot to write in a paragraph, but wanted to get it all out their on the website before another month passed. Check back, and we'll have some more blog posts dedicated to those specific projects!

Live Recording Indie Rock Artist Mike Mains & The Branches

February 9th, 2015 3:13pm

We have done quite a few recordings for The Wild Honey Pie, and they always bring in top notch musical acts for us to record while they videotape them live. Sometimes it is a full band, and sometimes it is an acoustic version of the band’s popular songs. We were really lucky to have Mike Mains in NYC to record some of his most heart-wrenching songs with us. If you don’t already know who Mike Mains and The Branches" are, then go check out their website!

Recording and Mixing popstar jLine

January 12th, 2015 7:13pm

Mirrortone NYC Recording Studio PopStart jLine

You may have noticed by now, we do a ton of work with the amazing popstar jLine. He is one of the hardest working and most talented artists we know, and he when he is not touring, he is recording. He’s back at it again with some new material, and we are pleased to be his home for all of his projects. If you love EDM, pop, r&b, or just good music, then check out his website to stay up to date with all his hits

New Trident Recording Console at Mirrortone Studios

December 19th, 2014 2:17pm

Mirrortone NYC Recording Studios Analog Console

We'd like to welcome a new member to our recording studio family, our Trident Series 65 recording console. This board is a beauty originally made famous in the 70s by recording artists such as James Taylor and David Bowie, and we got it nice and clean and ready to record, mix, and master. It has 32 analog channels of the coveted Trident Preamps, with 16 sub channels for summing or bussing. If you're really curious about the rest of the tech specs on it, just come in an book a session! But let's just say that if you love analog audio gear, you will probably not find a better board in NYC to record or mix on.

Happy Holidays from the Studio

December 19th, 2014 2:17pm

Mirrortone Studios Bear's Den

Wow, what a month. Usually we like to write about specific sessions that we've had, or new awesome clients, or particularly clients who have traveled all the way to NYC to record with us. But this month, we had a ton of great artists in the studio that we can't choose just one

But since everyone is about to retire for the year due to the holiday season, here's a brief run-down of all the recording and producing we did this month. Timorris Lane was in working on his first track with us. It is going to be a single on his upcoming EP that we will be producing and recording a few songs on. If you haven't heard of him yet, keep an ear out cause he has some serious chops.

Next up we had jLine working on some new music for his third album with us. I don't need to say too much more about him since we have a lot of blog posts about jLine, but rest assured, these new songs are better than ever. Keep an eye on his tour schedule, and get ready to buy this album.

In addition to these two awesome artists, we had Ginn Doll back in the studio working on a new track for her EP. She has some really awesome new songs coming out in a style that is all her own. We've done a few tracks with her, and we are always amazed by the direction she takes her music. We can't wait for her full launch of these songs.

Last but not least, we have an up and coming soul and indie rock artist, Josh Sultan making his debut solo album. He's been in lots of bands and sang in tons of projects, but his solo material dropping in a few months is some really moving stuff. I know everyone always says that everyone always sings from the heart, blah blah, but Josh actually does that. He sings about some of the most human experiences in the most beautiful ways. We can't wait to be able to link you guys to his music. Really a pleasure to be recording him. See you in January!

British Indie Band Bear's Den Records at NYC Recording Studio

November 25th, 2014 8:32pm

Mirrortone Studios Bear's Den

Some of you might be familiar with the really cool website The Wild Honey Pie since, I imagine that if you are reading this, you love music. If you don't know what they do, they basically find amazing bands and write about them and video blog about them. Some of the coolest work that they do is take bands into recording studios or other amazing settings and have them do a live performance of a track or two. We've been really incredibly lucky to be one of their NYC recording studios of choice to record at.This time they brought in the crazy talented, alternative folk trio Bear's Den. These guys really tugged at our heart-strings, but even more than that they were great musicians who sounded amazing from the moment they stepped into the studio. We were really happy with how the live recordings turned out, so give it a listen below, and check out these guys'

jLine's New Album Epic Drops!!!

September 25th, 2014 12:05pm

Mirrortone Studios jLine Epic

Finally!!! Seriously, finally! We are incredibly excited that jLine has just released his newest album, Epic, which was produced and recorded at Mirrortone Studios. This album is, just as the title would lead you to believe, truly Epic.

This album is the third one jLine has done with us, and we could not be more proud of how it turned out. He is currently touring across the United States promoting the album and deliverign his custom blend of dance pop to the masses. From what we see so far on twitter and instagram is that there is an overwhelming amount of love for this album. We can't wait to see which single off this album gets picked up for MTV (jLine has already had three of his hits make it to the tube), our guess is that it will be Epic or Put Em Up, althouhg Rollercoaster is just out of this world catchy too.

So enough just promoting the awesomeness of this album, let's talk a little bit about recording this album with jLine. We approached this album a little differently, in fact, differently than most albums we do. For this one we actually had intense in-person writing sessions with jLine so he could oversee every note we wrote for the backtrack. It was great having him come into the recording studio and make music together. Luckily, jLine lives in New York City (we can't tell you where, you weird stalkers you!), so he was able to come into the studio again and again until all his tracks were just right. After we made a backtrack jLine would take it away and devise his catchy pop vocals (and dance moves) before coming back into the studio. One thing I love so much about recording jLine in the studio is that we can try new things. Sometimes when artists are on a time budget we just hit them with the best standard practices to get an amazing and clean sound, but with this album we had the time to try out some new microphone techniques, crazy recording processes, and some good old stacked harmonies.

I know I say this just about every post, but being a NYC recording studio is just about the best thing in the world. But it's not just that we are a studio in the heart of entertainment world, it's that we get to work with incredible artists like jLine. This album is gonna be a classic pop record and I can't wait for you to hear it. Check out jLine's website and give the album a spin!

Tash Anderson Recording in New York

August 8th, 2014 2:15pm

Mirrortone Studios Tash Anderson

Ok Ok, I know, we are always bragging about how lucky we are to be a NYC recording studio, so you probably don't wanna hear about it anymore. But I just really need to reiterate how great it is to be recording in New York City for the very fact that amazing artists come to record here from all over the world. This month we were blessed to have Tash Anderson come in and cut two new singles with us all the way from Australia.

Tash's management, Robert Vaughn, is actually located in Ohio, so we were doubly lucky to get out of town talent from both another state and another country. And boy was Tash on point during the recording sessions. We spent two full days with her tracking pianos and vocals, in between her playing gigs all over the city. We were amazed not just by her great piano playing and tremendous vocal stylings, but the fact that she was working so hard hitting venues and meeting with A&R between recording sessions. It is always great to be recording with an artist who works as hard outside of the recording studio as inside it.

The recording sessions with Tash were actually really straight forward, we got her playing piano for both of her tracks, and then after got her singing for both of them. And what was so nice about her style is that it is all about the performance. We record all kinds of music, and sometimes it's about the production first and foremost, but with these songs it is all about the sentiment and performance. We are currently finishing up the mixes, but be sure to check out her page to keep up with the tracks as the drop.

Pandora Boxx "Different" Official Music Video

July 15th, 2014 3:27pm

We get to work with a lot of amazing musicians and entertainers, and one of our favorite bi-coastal comedian, drag-queen, singer, and entertainer Pandora Boxx has flown in time after time from LA to NYC to record with us. We've started to loose count how many tracks we have produced or mixed for her, but this is definitely our absolute favorite to date. Pandora basically nailed the perfect track for anyone who is a little bit different. What is even better about this song is how fast Pandora was able to write it. When she came to the recording studio we literally recorded vocal for 3 hours and we had a great song for all of her fans and her soon-to-be fans. We tried a lot of different microphones when recording her vocals on this, since she doesn't live in New York City, whenever she comes to the recording studio we want to make sure we get all different (pun intended) types of takes so that later we can choose the best sound for the song. We went with a not so different choice this time though, a Neumann u87 running through our Avalon Preamp. It was a classic sound, and her melody was different enough that just a clean hot sound was all we needed. Enjoy the video, and we can't wait to see what's next for recording with Pandora.

Da Youngfellaz

June 10th, 2014 10:39am

Mirrortone Studios Da Youngfellaz

Ok, ok, so I don't wanna brag, but we got to produce a really hot track with Norwegian Grammy winners Da Youngfellaz. These guys were a thrill to work with. We wrote this track for them specifically (no stock leased beats here!), and they stayed up all night one night writing and recording the vocal stems. It was pretty much the quickest turn around for vocals we have ever seen. You'd think being a NYC recording studio that we would see the most efficient rappers and songwriters coming through our doors, but it wasn't until now that we know what it takes to win a Norwegian Grammy.

After the guys wrote their vocals and recorded the initial stems in our sister New York recording studio, we set up a night to get together and mix the track. It turned out we re-recorded a few vocals, but a majority of the time in the studio was chopping it up, mixing, and mastering. It was a pretty great all nighter that ended with a track we're all very proud of.

We love that these guys are New York recording artists with a huge following in the rest of the world, and we love how hard they work, but most of all, we love how this track turned out! It should be dropping real soon, so check back and we will post a link as soon as it is live. In the meantime, follow these guys on their website and social media. I know they have a lot of shows coming up in NYC this month and next so don't be shy.

Not Your Queens English

May 12th, 2014 1:01pm

Mirrortone Studios Not Your Queens English

I don't know how many times I have said that I love being a NYC recording studio, but after a great session like we had this weekend I am reminded of how amazing it is to be recording music in New York. We had the pleasure this weekend of working with the very talented rock band Not Your Queen's English on Saturday recording drums for their new single. Besides the fact that these guys were a real pleasure in the studio, they also have a boatload of talent. The songs are well written, every musician in the band has a great command over their instrument, and they all work really well as a team.

Our job was to record the drums as awesome as possible. Of course, our job is always to record stuff as awesome as possible, but we generally make sure that things are recorded really transparent with not too much signal processing on it. But this time these guys wanted to the drums recorded very close to how it would sound mixed. That menat taking a lot of time to get our signal chain just right, and boy was it worth the time we spend on it! We didn't use as many microphones on the kit as we sometimes do, largely because they used two less toms than we have, but we had a snare top, snare bottom, kick back, kick front, rack tom, floor tom, and two overhead microphones. We got the placement just right and the drummer tuned it up spledidly, then we had some fun getting our preamp settings right and putting an 1176 compressor on almost every drum mic. Then the key was to get the settings on our microphone preamp EQs and gain controls just right and dial in the perfect amount of compression for his playing style.

In the end, it was an excellent session that had us going away as happy as the band was to be here, truly a great feeling. Looking forward to more sessions with these local NYC rockers!

jLine's New Video Tragic

May 2nd, 2014 11:14am

It's no surprise anymore when jLine is on MTV, he's had three tracks in rotation and he is always touring, so why don't you give his new video a look before it blows up like his others!?

We recorded Tragic at the end of last year and it was a real different type of song for jLine. He is known for his get-up-and-dance pop tracks, but sometimes he slows it down a bit and puts his heart out there for a downtempo, intense ballad. The video is right in line with the sentiment of the track, it is intimate, in the studio, and a real performance of this song. We love that he got together a lot of NYC recoring musicians to join him in the studio for the video shoot, it was awesome to watch them perform while a professional videography team captured the whole thing. Anyway, who cares what I say, just watch the video!

Patch Me In

April 28th, 2014 1:17pm

Mirrortone Studios Patchbay

Today is going to be a bit of a different blog article (at least for us). We obviously love talking about recording gear, particularly vintage audio gear, but while all the knobs and faders look so cool to our clients, they never have any idea what all the jacks are for on our patchbays. So let us explain what a patchbay is, and why we have so many of them.

A patchbay is essentially what is called a "jackfield", and is an array jacks. We use balanced TRS patchbays, but there are a variety of different types, including XLR, TR, and TT patchbays. The reason we use our balanced TRS patchbays is because they are more rugged, don't deteriorate, can pass phantom power well, and XLR conversion is fairly simple. Patchbays come in all different sizes depending on the type of connection as well as the model and intended use, but the most common configuration is 48 jacks arranged in two rows of 24. You can see the front of the patchbay in the picture that was at the top of this article, but the back of the patchbay look exactly the same, 48 TRS jacks.

That is the basic design of the patchbay, but how does it operate? The way patchbays are typically wired is everything you use in the studio is plugged into the back of the patchbay. The top row is for all of your inputs, and the bottom row is for all of your outputs. When a patchbay is in what is called "normalled" mode, the signal from the top back jack passed to the top bottom jack right below it unless something is plugged into the front of the patchbay. When something is patched into the front it breaks the signal and the audio now goes wherever I want it to. I can send it somewhere else before sending it back to the output. In this way I can use all kinds of gear with just changing one or two cables on the front of the patchbay.

This might not seem like it is really that important, especially if you have ever recorded at home, but in professional recording studio things get a little more complicated. We have a lot of gear in our racks, we have so many preamps, and everything is wired to our console and to our interface, that if I had to go under the desk or behind the racks everytime I wanted to use a different piece of gear, I'd have a really sore back, and our recording sessions would waste a lot of our client's time. Having the patchbays easily accessible and with every piece of recording gear wired into it, we can record, mix, and master music through any piece of recording equipment with ergonomic ease.

Recording Gear: Vintage Orban Stereo EQ

April 24th, 2014 4:34pm

Mirrortone Studios Orban 674a EQ

Today we want to take a moment again to talk about some more recording gear. We absolutely love recording gear, in fact, we might have a problem. I can't tell you how many nights we spend lying awake watching eBay waiting for that perfect moment to bid on a vintage piece of recording gear. A few months ago, we had the fortune of winning a beautiful Vintage Orban 674a Stereo EQ, Not only did we get this amazing sounding equalizer from the late 70s, we also were lucky enough to get the rare black version.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Orban 674a, it is a parametric equalizer with a graphic gain stage. Basically, you can zoom in on frequency bands extremely accurately with course and fine tuning, and then you can use a gain fader to adjust the level of that band. The reason it was built this way is because it is a stereo parametric EQ and by having the gain faders together, you can match the channels. This kind of stereo versatility makes it an amazing outboard EQ for mastering. We have mastered a lot of albums through this piece in just the few months that we have had it, and we loved it so much we just bought a second Orban 674a for our other mixing room. If you are looking to have your music mastered at a NYC Recording studio, of course we want you to choose us, but even if you go with another studio, make sure they throw a little Orban on that signal chain, you'l be happy you did.

Recording a Bachelor Party

April 21st, 2014 1:16pm

Mirrortone Studios Bagpipes

Being a NYC recording studio we thought we had seen everything. We've recorded countless amazing talents, New York City nightlife staples, fringe entertainers, etcetera, etcetera. But I must say, this last week on Friday the 18th, we recorded something completely new to us: a bachelor party.

Mirrortone Studios Tuba

These guys were a whole lot of fun. They came in with an entourage of about 8 guys who had already put their party pants on (and ended up taking them off to play their tuba!). But aside from how unique and crazy this recording session was, they ended up actually being really talented musicians. The groom (or soon to be groom) is a professional trumpet player in the U.S. Military Band, so he was top notch. Aside from him being a pro brass player, he killed it on the drums while his brother and man of honor played our Yamaha U1 piano. In addition to recording drums and piano, we got to do some trumpet, tuba (as you can see!), bagpipes (an amazing first for us), and vocals. Having so many different instruments to record, we went deep into our mic cabinet and used a Neumann u87, AKG (actually quite a few different ones), SM57s (all over the place), Sterling Audio, and even a Superlux.

The recording session posed a lot of new challenges for a recording studio: 1. we had to accommodate a bachelor party! That is hard enough for any establishment, but for a place with so much high-end gear around, we needed to be extra careful with all the partiers. 2. Not only did we need to make sure everyone was partying away from the gear, but we needed to run other logistics of the session like putting up and breaking down microphones. 3. The session was an informal one, so there was a lot of jamming, and we had to be on our toes with who needed headphone mixes, where and which microphones we were going to use. 4. How were we going to party along side them while still doing a great job recording and producing their session.

These were some really awesome challenges to have to solve, and at the end of the bachelor party, we were as confident with the recording as these guys were about wedding off their best mate ;) But seriously, it turned out amazing, and it was a whole lot of fun. Only in New York City!

Plastic the Musical

April 15th, 2014 12:54pm

Mirrortone Studios Plastic the Musical

For the last few months we have had the real pleasure to be working on recording, mixing, and mastering the demos for the new musical "Plastic The Musical". These guys and gals are incredibly funny and talented. The show was written by Leigh Rivenbark (Founding Director of Theatre New Brunswick Theatre School), Tony LePage (Broadway cast of Rock of Ages), and Tania Breen (drama department at the University of New Brunswick).

Leigh came in at the end of last year, all the way from Canada to our NYC recording studio, to record some local talent. Leigh was totally prepared to record the session himself as he is quite an adept producer himself. But we couldn't pass up the chance to be behind the board for this project, so we took care of the recording while Leigh took care of the directing and producing. We used a combination of AKG and Neumann microphones to find the right sound for each singer, and we are glad we did because after we were done recording Leigh approached us about mixing and mastering the tracks. It's been a few months of hard work on these songs, but they are so catchy I would have been hearing them in my head even if I wasn't working on them. Enough about how we recorded and mixed this project, here is what the show is about:

"Plastic The Musical explores the struggle between reality and illusion in contemporary North America. It tells the story of an ordinary woman named Amy More searching for authentic happiness in a superficial world. In the musical, Kenneth Hart, a plastic surgeon, bets Amy that he can transform her from an unhappy ordinary woman into a happy supermodel within six months. She agrees to the bet on two conditions: if he wins, she will admit that beauty is a key to success; if he loses, he will give up his plastic surgery practice. The musical features a pop/rock score of thirty-one songs, a cast of eight actors (two men, six women), and a band of five musicians (two keyboards, guitar, bass, drums)."

Keep an ear and eye out for this show as they are currently pushing the demos around and, with such a talented producer and musical team, we are sure they are going to be on Broadway soon enough.

Erlang Kovata Releases Album

April 13th, 2014 12:38pm

Mirrortone Studios Erlang Kovata Album Release

A few months back we had the pleasure to record and mix a full album for Korean metal band Erlang Kovata, and we are psyched that they just released it! We know it was a lot of travel, but we were super jazzed that these foreign rockers chose our NYC recording studio to work on their debut album.

One of our favorite songs on the album, and I'm sure it will soon be everyone else's favorite, it the track "Troll". Not only is it one of the coolest metal tunes you will here, with awesome mythical overtones and ominous guitar riffs, butit was so much fun to record. The guys were only in NYC to record at the studio for a short time, so we needed to really streamline what we were doing but we made sure to cut no corners, especially with "Troll". We had recorded all the drums on their first night in NYC, and we recorded bass and guitar successively, but with "Troll" we jumped back and forth between getting some extra guitars, adding some new takes on the bass, and of course, these epic vocals. Recording the vocals was definitely the most fun with this track. Not to say that recording the drums, bass, and guitar wasn't awesome, cause it was, but the vocal performance is spot on for this song. Malik killed it in the booth, Mike almost blew an artery screaming, and J.P. wails as hard on his vocal chords as he does on his guitar. Anyway, enough of me praising this track, just check out the video they just released for it:

Spring Recording is in Swing

April 8th, 2014 11:54am

Mirrortone Studios Live Room

The beginning of the month is always a crazy time at the recording studio, and this month was no different. We had so much excellent work to do for a lot of great clients and are pretty excited by some new projects that have come in this month.

The week started off with finalizing the music for a new independent movie that we did some sound cues for and wrote some original track beds for (we'll defeinitely blog about the movie when it hits the festivals, but can't say yet what it is). Then we also did a lot of classical arranging for classical composer Gary Barnett, he's been a real lnog time friend and loyal client, and we are incredibly happy that he is back in the studio working on new music. He has moved to Washington D.C. so we are really pleased that he has come back to NYC to record and arrange with us.Expect a whole lot more news about all his classical recording!

Mirrortone Studios Mimi Imfurst Vocal Recording SessionThis week we also got around to doing some great work with Mimi Imfurst. We've been working on two new tracks with her (one original and one cover, but that's all you'll get out of us!), and this week she had her backup singers come into the studio and lay down some classic harmonies. It was a pretty great session, and Mimi was kind enough to let us use part of the session to let our assistant take the wheel and learn a little more about running a high-profile session.

If having Mimi in the studio wasn't enough, we also had her friend in, Miss Sherry Vine to record some vocals for a few of her upcoming live performance tracks. Sherry is always thinking about her live show, and it really shows in the studio how much time, effort, and thought she puts into each track that she incorporates into her live show. Not only that, she is a real great and efficient studio singer, so we get a lot of recording done in just a little time, pretty impressive :)

One more project we had this week was actually related to both Mimi and Sherry, we had another Ru Paul's Drag Race star in the studio working on a new original track, Pandora Boxx. We've done a bit of work with Pandora before, and we really love having her into the studio, and working remotely with her, so it was great to finish up mixing and producing on an original track we co-wrote and recorded with her. This wasn't a recording session where she came to NYC (she lives in LA), but we communicating via email about all her mix changes and production notes, and we spent the time perfecting the mix and master until she was happy. Really looking forward to recording her next one!

The week wouldn't be complete without a Saturday full of sessions! We had Jeff Vernick and Ivo Pavlov of the band How Much in the studio working on editing and mixing their new single. Their first track "Make the Decision" did well on iTunes and we were happy to have recorded and produced it for them. This new track, called "Let You Go" is full of heavy guitars, spot on drumming, and emotional vocals that I'm sure their fans are goign to love. They are back in this upcoming week to finalize the mix and master with us.

Saturday also brought in some more NYC recording artists of another genre, R&B and soul. We had a new up and coming soul singer in the studio named Tommy Tomcat, and while he doesn't have too much press out, we'll keep you updated on all his endeavours when this track drops. But we had a great four hour session recording vocals with him, his producer, and his vocal coach. They meticulously went through recording vocals for the verses and bridge and chorus separately zeroing in on every detail until that had recorded every note they were going to need for mixing. We can't wait to see how that track turns out

So, it was a pretty busy week here at Mirrortone, I guess that comes with the territory of running a recording studio in New York City. Now back to work, gonna be a busy second week of April!

Miss Sherry Vine and Bianca del Rio

April 7th, 2014 2:15pm

Miss Sherry Vine has been a real pleasure to work with, and her most recent track she recorded with us featured Ru Paul's Drag Race star Bianca del Rio and the amazing The Glamazons. The Huffington Post had a bit to say about it too! Definitely one of the coolest things about being an NYC recording studio is working with a wide array of talented singers, musicians, and performers, and on this track we really go to work with an eclectic bunch of performers! Check it out and watch out for more from Miss Sherry Vine and Bianca del Rio.

Recording Gear: Vintage Toys

March 27, 2014 11:54am

Mirrortone Studios vintage Ampex Tube Preamp

One of the most difficult things about being a NYC recording studio is keeping up with all the demands of these sophisticated NYC musicians! These guys and gals know their gear, and they know what they want to record through. We've got our digital plugin game down, seriously, there aren't too many plugins we don't get as soon as they hit the presses. And one of our engineers is a music coder at The Music Transcriber writing plugins for Avid Sibelius and Pro Tools, so we get lots of awesome music software toys through that. But software is not enough for these well learned and ambitious New York City recording artists, we need to get the analog gear they require! It's our belief that a great studio is a hybrid studio, mixing the best of digital and analog into a powerful recording rig. We've got some awesome analog gear, but recently we added two new pieces that we'd like to take a moment to share with everyone.

Perhaps the most common question we get from audiophile bands (imparticular, the indie bands who want some vintage sound) is what kind of analog preamps do we have. They are often looking for vintage tube preamps, and boy do we have a great one for you now! We recently acquired an Ampex 601 Preamp from the 1950s with original tubes and all. We've been in the process of modifying it and restoring some components for an even better sound (I know, I know, everyone wants that vintage sound, and don't worry we didn't loose it, infact, the new capacitors make that vintage sound even easier to record!). The Ampex preamp is perfect for getting that old school vocal treatment or getting a classic mono drum sound, and I'm sure all those New York City bands have some other uses for it too, can't wait to find them out!

Mirrortone Studios Orban Parametric EQ

Our other real nice acquisition lately was an Orban 674a stereo parametric equalizer. It's from the 1970s and we are very happy to have it. In fact, so happy it's been used on a lot of our masters lately. Frequently when we are mastering we like to use digital EQs because the precision is perfect, but on a lot of our tracks we find that feeding it through some analog EQ brings it to life a little, especially in tracks with a lot of synthesizers, this gives them a whole new life. The coolest thing about this EQ is not only that it is a stereo master EQ, but it is a parametric eq with a semi-graphic interface. The gain for each band is graphic, while the frequency and band-width is totally parametric. The point here is that you can get the volumes matched for each channel of the stereo pair, bullseye! We also really love how it breathes some air into the top end of dull tracks and cleans up the low end of the overly bassy dance or hip-hop tracks. Besides, we needed an Orban piece in the studio to confidently say we got some vintage swag!

Pandora Boxx Recording

March 19, 2014 5:43pm

Pandora Boxx Records at Mirrortone Studios

We love getting some celebrities into the recording studio, and if you watch Ru Paul's Drag Race then you will certainly know who Pandora Boxx is. Not only is she a great comedian and actress, but some really great tracks our getting recorded at the studio because of her.

Pandora is based in Los Angeles, but she has been making the trip to New York City to record with us. She was in last month for her first original track, and today she stopped by again to record what we think is gonna be an anthem for her fans. We can't tell you what the song is called yet (don't wanna give away too much), but it's fun times and sounds great!

To see more about what Pandora is up to and info about her music releases you can visit her website. We can't wait to share the recordings we do with her and we are really happy she came to us to be her producers and recording studio!

Jazz in the Recording Studio

March 6, 2014 7:17pm

Bobbie Lee Crow Records at Mirrortone Studios

Today was a great day in the recording studio. We were luck to have Bobby Lee Crow in the studio with his jazz quintet IconiQuestra. These guys (and gals) really tore it up. We basically just hung up the microphones and got everybody going through some great analog gear and they did the rest. I love a day where the recording is just about capturing a great performance, and this was one of those days.

Bobby Lee Crow is coming back into the studio to do some mixing and editing next week, and we can't wait to have him in. We were glad to be their New York City recording studio of choice! In the meantime check out the youtube video they made of their recording session:

Recording the Radio

February 27, 2014 2:32pm

Recording radio shows at Mirrortone Studios

We do a lot of really cool unexpected things here at the recording studio, and one of our favorite non-music recording gigs is recording The One Way Ticket Show. It is a bi-monthly internet radio program run by Steven Shalowitz (former host of Singapore's Gold 90.5 FM Encuentro Latino program), that asks the question "If I gave you a one way ticket, where would you go?".

Steven has had some really cool guests on the radio show, ranging from New York staples, to CEOs, to famous entertainers and celebrities. And the best part for us, besides getting to find the right microphones to make those radio voices sound silky, is we get to learn some really interesting things about some really interesting people. Usually, we get to play music, record music, producer music, mix music, master music, and while that is awesome, it's certainly a nice change of pace to get The One Way Ticket Show in here twice a month. While we can't blog about every episode (since Steven has had so many in the last two years), we had a really cool one in here this month that Steven just released, his guest was veteran movie and TV actor and comedian Taylor Negron (known for "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", "Friends", his HBO special, and so much more). It was a really interesting episode, and you can here it, as well as all the other The One Way Ticket epdisodes at

Mikealis in New York

February 22nd, 2014 11:58pm

Mikealis at Mirrortone Recording Studios

Back in the mid-2000s I was living in the East Village and working with an up and coming New York recording artist Mikealis. I was producing tracks for him and playing keyboard for his live shows and he started getting some great exposure. After a few great years of playing shows in the Lower East Side, Brooklyn, Midtown, and really everywhere in NYC, Mikealis moved out to Los Angeles and started getting cast for T.V. shows. Luckily, Mikealis never stopped making great music, and I've called him in as a feature rapper on lots of clients' projects.

Finally I got the chance to produce a new track for Mikealis this last month, and I got Mikealis to come to record in NYC with us. It was a pretty epic recording and mixing session. Mikealis is great to have in the recording studio: he writes on the spot, spits it aggressively the first time, and always brings some fun people with him when he comes, basically a New York recording studio party everytime! The new track we've been working on is called "Live That Life" and is sure to drop soon. So follow up at his website to stay in the know and keep an eye/ear out for it.

jLine's Music on MTV

February 11, 2014 5:00pm

jLine single produced by Mirrortone Studios on MTV

JLINE's new video "Crazy" will be aired on MTV and its sister stations starting Monday Feb 10th! This makes it JLINE's third video to air on MTV this year, along with his hits "I Think I'm in Love" and "Ready Set Go".

In New York, it will air on Channel 155 at 9:30am on Monday Feb 10th. It will re air throughout the upcoming months, but times and channels vary depending on your state.

Or you can just watch the video right now and maybe let JLINE know how excited you are about the video by leaving a comment on youtube:)

He's also been in the studio with us recording two new tracks that will be released on itunes in the upcoming weeks. And he'll embark on his next tour starting next week, which should keep him busy until the end of the summer.

We're super proud of all his hard work and awesome songwriting. Check up with him regularly at his website

Metal Album: Brutal Mixing

January 23, 2014 4:38pm

Metal Band Erlang Kovata Records in New York at Mirrortone Studios

We love when bands come through our doors, and we love when bands come from far away lands to record with us, so we were super excited getting to record and produce Korean metal band Erlang Kovata's debut album.

It was an epic week long recording session. We started off the first night recording Mike on drums and he killed it. The guy has the chops of a drumline general. Double-kicks were blazing, and I think he went through the snare all the way back to Korea. I think we had something like 12 microphones on him, we used it all from Shure to AKG to Neumann to Rode.

Day two and three we dealt with editing drums and getting Malik to lay down his super deep bass. Literally, it was tuned lower than I knew a bass could go. We decided to go with recording it direct input through the Joe Meek VC1Q preamp channel strip and reamp it later.

Day four and Five brought us to J.P. on his axe and crazy pedal board rig. With the guitar our initial thought was also to go direct input so we could edit and then apply effects, but we decided to get proper old school metal with it, so JP set up his insane pedalboard chain and went through the Marshal guitar stack. We miced it with a Shure Sm57 and a Sterling ST31 for maximum metal, and I was happy we did.

After we were all done tracking the instruments it was time to record the musical screaming. Not only did the whole band lend their vocal talents to the production of this record, but they even let us (Roman and Jay) scream some backup vocals on the record, definitely a first for us! Our favorite vocal experience of the album was definitely the track 'Troll' which I can't wait for you guys to hear, it's good fun mythical metal.

The last few days of having the band in town were spent getting the mixes ready to a place where we could work even after they left. It was a great experience working with Erlang for that fateful week, and can't wait to finish mixing this album for them!

Roman Hurko in the Studio

January 17, 2014 11:03am

One of the coolest things about being an NYC recording studio is that we get to work with some of the best and most international musicians and composers. In this case, we were very lucky to have our good friend and amazing composer (seriously, his music is outrageously beautiful and heavily performed) Roman Hurko in the recording studio.

We have done a lot of work for Roman over the years, mostly on his sheet music, engraving, transcribing, printing, but this time Roman came in with his wife Carmen to record a piece he had written as a birthday present for his mother.

The track was for piano, baritone and alto. We miced up the piano using an AKG C414 and a Sterling ST31 and a pair of Rode NT1As and got a wonderful stereo image of Roman performing the piano accompaniment. Then once we had that nicely edited we recorded Roman and Carmen singing together, but in isolation (Roman was in the vocal booth, and Carmen was in the live room). We had them sing the baritone and alto lines about 8 times so we could layer them to form a section.

Later in the week we had a great session with them to finalize the mix and master of the track before Roman and Carmen sent it off to our video friends over at Black Dot Creative to make a really neat cosmic collage. We love getting to record classical music, and this was a wonderful song that we were glad to be a part!

Composer Roman Hurko Recording

Kassa Overall

January 07, 2014 6:16pm

Two months ago we ran a really cool recording session for NYC recording artist Kassa Overall. He was doing a shoot in NY Mag's series for Bedford and Bowery. It's a really cool series where they record awesome NYC recording artists in a live studio performance. We were lucky to be chosen as the recording studio location for this edition. Kassa Overall came in with his band including TECLA, and we miced them up and let the magic happen.

After an awesome session we had Kassa come back into the studio a week or two later to put a light mix on the project (we didn't want to mix it too much since it really was about the live performance) and we threw a little mastering on it and sent it off to the guys at Bedford and Bowery to sync it up with the film. We were psyched to be a part of this recording, only in NYC!

Ginn Doll Recording Vocals For Her New EP

December 28, 2013 4:17pm

Ginn Doll Records at Mirrortone Studios

We're in the studio today recording vocals for a new track with our New York-based artist Ginn Doll. After putting out two singles, Boyfriend For The Night and Electric Wind. She now has her sights set on doing an EP in a slightly different style. The next collection of tracks will still have the pop sensibilities of the first two singles but the music is more influenced by hip hop / soul artists like Frank Ocean, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar. The first track is tentatively titled Kaleidoscope Dreams and has great melodies and hooks. Hopefully we'll have something to share by the beginning of the summer, we're excited to get this out!

Mirrortone Studios Scores Film Lucas Cain

December 14, 2013 5:45pm

Mirrortone Studios Scores Film Lucas Cain

Mirrortone has been working with film director Cullen Metcalf-Kelly on the score for his new short film Lucas Cain. It's a revenge story set in the dark recesses of the rural south. I don't want to give to much away about the story, but the film looks amazing as it was shot on 35mm film and has a real gritty vibe to it. The score is dark for sure, we're trying to capture the sound of the demons inside the two main characters. Parts of it will be stylized, but we're going for a raw, primitive vibe. The plan is to start with organic instrumentation and minipulate it into an otherworldly score. There's been some accordion, harmonium, cello, and electric guitar so far, but the palette will continue to expand I'm sure. We'll keep you posted on the progress and hopefully when the film will be hitting the festival circuit. Check in at

Miss Sherry Vine

December 7, 2013 3:32pm

Miss Sherry Vine Records at Mirrortone Studios

New York is full of musicians, entertainers, actors, what have you, but it's rare we get to work with such a talented musical comedic entertainer as Sherry Vine. Sherry is a NYC Drag Queen legend, and getting to work with her on some of her most recent parody songs, and even one original, was a privilege.

We did a few of her awesome parodies of Lady Gaga's recent Pop Art album. I don't wanna spoil the comedic impact here by listing the titles, but just YouTube search "Miss Sherry Vine" and you'll find those gems. In addition to these great jabs at pop music we were lucky enough to do an original track, featuring the Glamazons and Bianca Del Rio, that is sure to be dropping soon.

If you wanna keep up with all of Sherry Vine's music and performances check out her Website.

Mastering Buy The Sky

December 4, 2013 7:14pm

Mirrortone Studios Masters Buy The Sky New Album

We love all these NYC bands! Seriously, our favorite part about being a NYC recording studio is NYC musicians! They have so much flavor, so much drive, so much diversity, and we usually get to see them play after we work with them. This time we had the pleasure of working with Buy The Sky on mastering their new album.

They are a really cool blend of alternative rock and jam-band rock. They remind us of some good old days back in college, and their following knows how to party. After finishing mastering their album we were able to see them play at Tammany Hall in the Lower East Side, NYC, and their fans brought it. These guys packed out the place and everyone was singing along (which means that everyone must be going to their shows since the album was released that night!). Anyway, it was a wonderful album mastering for us, straight forward (as it always is with well recorded music) and pleasant to listen to on repeat. Check out their Reverbnation Page for more updates about their shows and music. And listen to their EP, that's the album we mastered!

Michael Barimo Music Video Release

November 17th, 2013 9:17pm

Michael Barimo has been a long time client of ours, and we love the music he has been coming out with, particularly "Whipcracker". This song is chock full of awesome musical gestures, from sound effects, to screaming electric guitars, to blazing trumpets!

In our last post we talked about all the shows Michael has been putting on around NYC and across the country, but we wanted to share the video he released at the Highline Ballroom show. We remember when he started working on this song with us last year, and he spent relentless hours in the recording studio perfecting it until it was worthy of the quality his fans have come to expect. We must say, it really hit that pop-rock sweet spot, and we're proud to have been a part of this track.

Check out the video and follow all things Michael Barimo at his website and his Reverbnation Page.

Michael Barimo and Di Bari

November 12th, 2013 2:32pm

Michael Barimo and Di Bari at Mirrortone Studios

Michael Barimo has been a long time friend and client of ours, he is a world champion whistler, having been featured on The Letterman Show and gracing Carnegie Hall, and a stunning singer. We've done countless tracks with M.ichael, in fact we've even recorded him before Mirrortone even existed!

Now that Michael has recorded a huge number of songs and has toured all over as a solo act, he has put together a band called Di Bari. The band consists of some stellar musicians, Orion Simprini of The Orion Experience on rhythm guitar, Miles Spillane of King Holiday on drums, Ari Friedman of Nightlife Productions on lead guitar, and myself from Mirrortone Studios on bass.

The first show we played was in Reno, Nevada for one of the biggest Italian American festivals in the world, and people really loved Michael's bilingual singing, retro Italian rock, and classical operatic whistling. The following show was at the Studio at Webster Hall, a NYC legendary venue known for big names playing intimate concerts. It was super well attending including some celebrity talent scouts.

After getting settled into the New York rock scene Di Bari took on a great showcase performance at Brooklyn's Knitting Factory for a Jagermeister sponsored event. Needless to say, fun was had by all!

The next show was the big one, Highline Ballroom in New York City. Highline Ballroom has a huge stage with great sound, and the dancers and additional keyboardist really filled the space. There was also some amazing visuals provided by Peter Kollof of Black Dot, and I think the crowd really got there money's worth. Not to mention, Di Bari was the headliner, so it was a real joy to be a part of this awesome performance. Michael really killed it on stage, commanding the crowd and giving the people what they wanted. And the night culminated with the official release of Michael's new music video Whipcracker.

The next show is scheduled for Tammany Hall in the East Village on December 8th at 8pm. You can keep up with all of Michael and Di Bari's concerts at the reverbnation page, Michael's website and Di Bari's homepage.

Comments and Concerns

October 20th, 2013 6:05pm

Mirrortone Studios masters Canadian Band Comments and Concerns

We love all the musicians we get to meet running a recording studio in New York, just so many of the best musicians really do come through Manhattan. But the coolest thing about the digital age is that we get the chance to work with musicians all over the globe. One of our most popular services is remote mastering, and we were lucky enough to get to do this for Comments and Concerns from Canada. These guys had a pretty cool concept for their album, which was a double EP: one acoustic and one electric. This kind of double album, or A and B side lent itself really nicely to these guys indie strengths. Here's what the guys had to say about their album, entitled 'Alibi':

The Alibi project is the debut record from Comments and Concerns. It was intentionally written, recorded and produced as two separate albums, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2. This separation is a reflection of the bands past, present and a glimpse at the future. Pt. 1 is a fond, child-like, reflection on memories, loved ones and significant life moments. It features acoustic driven, sing-songwriter style songs laced with warm bass lines and intricate percussive elements for an easy listening, lighthearted feel. Pt. 2 is a portrayal of Comments and Concerns present style, with a taste of their future. It's a mysterious collection of sounds that search for answers through syncopated rhythms and ambient guitar parts. Comments and Concerns has high expectations for their future, but vow to never forget their past. This record is a tribute to both.

Heartbreak Renaissance

October 15th, 2013 2:18pm

Hearbreak Renaissance Records at Mirrortone Studios

It's awesome getting bands in here to record their full length albums, so we were really psyched to get New York City band Heartbreak Renaissance in to work on their upcoming full length debut album. Heartbreak Renaissance is actually fronted by our very own music producer Roman Molino Dunn, and it is his Emo/Pop-punk project. He's pretty determined to make sure "emo" isn't a dirty word anymore, pop-punk for that matter too. And, we know as a NYC recording studio that there really isn't enough good pop-punk or emo coming out of New York City, that needs to change!

Heartbreak Renaissance has been taking about a year to get this album fully tracked, and mixed, and Roman isn't taking any shortcuts with this one. We've spent countless hours with him recording guitars, bass, vocals, and now drums. They've spent the last year laying down the guitars, bass, and vocals and getting them perfect before bringing in their drummer to really slam it home. It was a really cool approach, since in most albums the drums is one of the first things we do. But doing it this way brought a totally new prospective to it, and gave the drummer such a pivotal role in the flavour of the songs (something we think is really missing these days). No simple backbeats or dime-a-dozen grooves, this stuff is full and intricate, but without loosing too much emo or pop-punk flare.

Since the drums were going to be so important for this album, we decided that we were going to record the drum kit as detailed as we could. We actually ended up hanging 14 microphones on a 10 piece drum kit, and boy was it crispy. Here's all the places we decided to hang a microphone: snare top, snare bottom, kick front, kick back, little rack tom, big rack tom, small floor tom, big floor tom, hi-hat, stereo overhead pair, room stereo pair, and room mono. The goal here was to have more than we needed for parallel compression, punchy toms, and epic space. We can't wait to hear how these mixes turn out! Follow Heartbreak Renaissance on their Reverbnation Page to follow their release dates.

Marina Star

September 24th, 2013 7:00pm

Marina Star records full-length album at Mirrortone Studios

Marina Star is not a household name, she is not a passing fad, or just a cute face and easy gimmick. No, Marina Star is an artist, whose beauty is only matched by her talent as a gifted singer and award winning songwriter. Marina Star's sound is a unique mix of pop and electronic dance music with hints of a heartfelt balladeer. Her artistic vision and sound is a reflection of her love for artists like Madonna and Gwen Stefani coupled with influences from her extensive artistic education in Moscow, Russia, where Marina is originally from. At an early age, Marina Star began training with classes in pop vocals, modern dance, piano and acting at the Kids and Teens Art Palace in Moscow and continued her studies in music at the Modern Art Institute, and in acting at the Slavonic International Institute. As Marina Star's extensive training in the arts progressed, she became very hands on in the creative process, and at 16 began writing and composing her unique catalog of songs. Marina moved to USA in 2005 to live with her mother in a small town in CT at first and then moved to New York City where she currently resides. In 2009, Marina Star worked with multi-platinum record producer Arty Skye at Skyelab Music Group in NY and recorded her first series of singles.Then she collaborated with Grammy Award Winning Producers Dan Matthews & Sam Michaels, known as the Klubjumpers, and released remixed versions of her previously recorded songs and performed with it at one of the popular NY nightclubs Amnesia. As Marina Star progressed as a songwriter, critics began to notice and accolades began to pour in for the Russian born starlet. Marina received an Honorable Mention from the 17th annual Billboard World Song Contest for one of her songs and in 2012, Marina was noticed by the celebrity music management company Nightlife Productions & Entertainment and started working on her debut album with hitmaker Roman Molino Dunn of Mirrortone Studios. Marina Star performed with her newly recorded singles "Alive" and "Everlasting" at NY hottest clubs like XL in May, 2013 and now Marina is working on finishing and releasing her very first album. Above all, Marina Star wants her music to be able to uplift and to inspire her listeners. "I create music from my heart and each of my songs means a lot to me and has a personal story behind it," she says. Marina has big ambitions, and a force of strength to match. Her music is for the world, and she aims to share it with everyone. Marina's Star is certainly rising. Stay Tuned...

What you just read was Marina Star's bio written by Mike Killmon (manager for Grammy Award winning artist Mya). It was written in the middle of working with Marina Star on her debut full length album, and we are ecstatic to finally finished recording, producing, mixing, and mastering it. You can learn more about Marina Star, like where to find her music online and upcoming performances at her Reverbnation page and her Facebook page. Keep an eye, I mean ear, out for all of Marina Star's upcoming electro-pop releases.

jLine Sound Album

August 30th, 2013 3:35pm

Jline new album produced by Mirrortone Studios is released

We've had the pleasure of recording lots of tracks with the pop singer jLine. He's been on MTV, toured the country, released several albums, and performed with awesome acts such as opening for Lady Gaga. So naturally we were incredibly psyched and exited to work with him when he asked us to produce his new full length album 'Sound'.

On the last few jLine albums we just recorded and edited his vocals, and mixed and mastered his tracks, but we didn't actually get to write any of the songs with him. For this album jLine wanted to get us to write the instrumentals for him, and I can't express how great it was getting to work on original songs with jLine. We did everything from R&B ballads to Electro-pop club bangers, pretty much classic jLine. The instrumentals we composed were nothing compared with what they turned into with jLine's vocals and his rhythm additions. I hope I don't embarrass him by revealing this, but as you all know, jLine is an amazing dancer, and he used his dance skills to communicate rhythmic ideas. It was one of the coolest ways we've ever had a client direct our composition. We'd listen to the track together and jLine would be working through some choreography as it played and dance out where he needed some extra drum hits or instrumental breaks.

After about two months of non-stop work on this album we've finally rapped it up. Writing the songs was incredibly fun, tracking jLine's vocals was as pleasant and amazing as ever, and the hard work of editing, mixing, chopping up, and mastering was as rewarding as any music producer could hope for. I know that jLine will be back to work on some more tracks, but in the meantime I'll just have to listen to this album on loop to hold me over. You can find out more about jLine at his website and you can buy the 'Sound' album here.

Recording Backtracks for Performance

2013 July 26th, 3:15pm

Mirrortone Studios records backtracks for Michale Barimo

Something we find ourselves doing all the time at the recording studio is making backtracks for live performance. Sometimes artists are preparing for a television appearance and other times they are EDM recording artists who perform at night clubs, but whatever the circumstance, having a "TV track" is really important for most performers. In case you are not familiar, a TV track is a backtrack that has everything in it except for the singer's (or soloist's) lead line in it. This way they can perform their music without having a whole band and backup singers come along with them.

This month we have been working a whole lot for one of our favorite recording artists, Michael Barimo, making his TV tracks for an upcoming tour he has. He often brings a full band with him, Di Bari, but some of his shows are at venues not equipped to host a live band. One of the great things about doing TV tracks for Michael Barimo is that we get to play the instruments on his tracks. In fact, Michael has been one of our longest and most loyal clients and we have written lots of songs and instrumentals together. It is a joy recording music for him at the studio and getting to play instruments and compose for him. This month has just been another great month making music together and working on his materials for his live performances. Can't wait to see how his tour goes!

Ginn Doll Music Video Release

2013 July 11th, 10:12pm

Ginn Doll records at Mirrortone Studios

We love working with NYC recording artist Ginn Doll. She is a super hard worker and writes great songs. She is always in some NYC recording studio at any given moment, not just Mirrortone, and we love that about her. She hustles and she writes, and she sings, and she gets it done.

We are definitely going to be doing a lot of tracks with her in the future, and we are into our third track with her at the moment, but her first track's music video just dropped and we are proud to share it with everyone. So check out Ginn Doll's Reverbnation Page to follow all her music releases, and watch her music video below. It is featuring our good friend Mikealis.

Children Of The Stars Completed

2013 June 21st, 3:12pm

Orion Experience Completes Mixing and Mastering For COTS

Well, the day is finally here. After 6 weeks of non-stop recording, mixing, and mastering, we're finally ready to let go and let this album out into the world. The Orion Experience's 4th LP Children Of The Stars is now set for release and can be heard on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and probably lots of other places as well. There's so much to love on this record, a huge assortment of colors and amazing songwriting.

We put a lot of hard work into this, and the last week has consisted of a lot of listening, fine-tuning, listening again, fine-tuning some more. We're psyched about how this thing turned out, but we actually had so much fun putting it together that it's almost too bad we don't have more work to do on it. Hopefully we'll get to work with these guys a little bit more when it's time to roll out the live show, and from what we're hearing, they're going big! We'll let you know all about it when we get the details. But for now, get the album here!!

jLine on MTV again!

2013 June 18th, 1:07pm

It never surprises us when jLine has a major acheivement. Back in January his song Ready Set Go was on MTV and blew up, now his second track to be on MTV is airing. It is called "I Think I'm In Love" (you probably already know that from watching the video above), and we had the pleasure of recording, mixing, and mastering that track for him. It really wasn't a whole lot of work since recording jLine is pretty easy, and when a song is that good, mixing and mastering it is just plain fun.

Congrats to jLine for getting another one out there, and definitely keep up with him at his website and his Reverbnation Page.

Mimi Imfurst in the Recording Studio

May 19, 2013 3:16pm
Mimi Imfurst records at Mirrortone Studios

We love having the talented Mimi Imfurst in the studio to record her blend of crazy funny, catchy dance, naughty broadway music. She was one of the stars of Ru Paul's Drag Race and has been a favorite drag queen in New York, Philadelphia, and, quite frankly, the world over.

We've been really lucky to have her in the recording studio to work on original tracks with us, as well as some hilarious covers of classic pop songs from the 80s an 90s. Of course our favorite thing is getting to producer and write tracks with her together, but we certainly don't mind the sessions where we just get to record her doing her thing.

We have a lot more recording sessions with Mimi coming up in the future (she has some awesome Broadway renditions she is planning for in 2014, and we are working on a new original track together), but in the meantime, if you aren't squeamish check out her website to hear her latest releases and find out all things Mimi!

Mixing the Orion Experience's New Concept Album

April 27th, 2013 1:07pm
Mirrortone Studios Recording The Orion Experience

We are in the studio recording one of our favorite New York City bands, The Orion Experience. The band has come in with 10 songs for a planned concept record called "Children of the Stars" inspired by your hero and mine, Carl Sagan. There's a nice variety of styles among these songs. Some of them rock out and have crazy harmonized solos, there is an Indian-influenced Bollywood song, some great ballads, a dirty synth-based rocker, and some dance tracks.

Mirrortone Studios Recording The Orion Experience Live Room

Today we're tracking piano for one of the 4 interlude tracks that will serve to connect the other songs into a narrative. We're really excited about this record, every song is catchy, well-crafted pop in the style of the psychedelic garage rock of the 60's mixed with the epic musicality of Queen and the sci-fi stylings of early David Bowie. The vocal arrangements are tight, and the musicianship is top notch. We're super excited that they choose us to record this album! And check back on their website for updates, and definitely check back here to follow the progess on this epic recording.

Finishing Up Big Hearted Robot's New Record

March 29th, 2013 4:32pm
Big Hearted Robot mixes and masters album at Mirrortone Studios

We've just finished the mix on Big-Hearted Robot's upcoming release Nothing Is Leaving. We've been working in the recording studio with Bobb Barito, and remotely with his brother Adam who lives in Michigan. These guys have written a masterpiece of an indie rock concept record combining infectious hooks, great lyrics, and really interesting instrumentation using not only guitars, bass, and amazing drum programming, but also horns, strings, theremin, and a pretty dense kazoo section. The record is set to drop in late 2013 so keep an eye on their website for this amazing record!

Mixing and Mastering with New Politicians

March 2th, 2013 8:19am
New Politicians mix and master album at Mirrortone Studios

Our favorite post-punk band New Politicians is back in the recording studio. A few months ago we mixed and mastered their first EP, Alpha Decay. Now we're mastering their follow-up EP Drag A City. New Politicians is a four-piece band from Centerville, New Jersey with influences ranging from Interpol and Joy Division to the Doors, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Brand New. Alpha Decay was a teaser, a brief 3 track EP, but was a powerful and strong group of songs. Drag A City is a continuation of the style they set out with but with an expanded sonic palette. The vocals gain in range and there are more synth-based passages that add to the drum, bass, and guitar battery that makes this band so exciting. Glad these guys put up with the New York traffic to get these tracks done... We're excited to see them at one of their upcoming shows which you can check out on their Facebook page.

Erika Nova in the Studio

February 18th, 2013 2:05pm
Erika Nova at Mirrortone Studios

Over the last few months we've been really happy to welcome Erika Nova into our NYC recording studio family! She's been in with her songwriter Gui working on a lot of music and we can't wait until she releases them on iTunes.

Erika is a pretty popular NYC model by day (her magazine appearances are countless, and you can read all about her press on her website) and a singer and songwriter by night. She came to us with a few great songs written and we go some excellent studio musicians to record drums, bass, keyboard, and (of course) Gui on guitar. So far we've been spending a lot of time trying out different microphones on her vocals to best suite her old-time style while still highlighting her current pop tendencies. We like to think of her as a modern Frank Sinatra wrapped up in some female soul! Talking about recording her and working on producing tracks for her doesn't really give quite as clear of a picture as just listening to one of her fun-loving songs. So check out her music at her website and her Reverbnation page. Can't wait to have Erika back in to record her next track!

jLine on MTV

January 17, 2013 10:12am

We had the pleasure of producing NYC recording artist jLine's second studio album. This guy is a beast: he can sing, dance, and write tracks! Not only that, but he is always super prepared for recording sessions and is always pushing his career to the next level. This time, he reached that next level for sure, and his video for the hit single off his recent album is airing on MTV. Air times will vary from place to place, but just keep the tube on and get your jLine on. Also, check out his website to follow all his new releases and touring. We can't wait to record and produce more for jLine!

The New Crew

October 29, 2012 04:52pm

We just wanted to take a little bit of time to give a shout out to all the most recent awesome clients who have been recording with us. It's been an absolute pleasure working with Marina Star, Michael Barimo, Sound Drive, The One Way Ticket Show, Jeff Vernick, Joe Blunt, Game Squad, TreZure, Janet, Jackster, to name just a few! We love every minute of our sessions, and every sound of your tunes!

What We've Been Up To

August 06, 2012 02:28pm

The last few weeks has been some crazy, but 'crazy' good sessions. We've worked with Emmy winners, corporate branding firms, ad agencies, and of course, musicians :) Last month was probably the busiest month we've ever seen, so we want to thank everyone who has come through and had us produce music for them. And congrats to those of you who's projects got picked up this month :)


October 20, 2011 05:32pm

Welcome to the Mirrortone Studios blog! If you've found this blog, then chances are you've seen our website and know a little bit about what we do here. Mirrortone is a NYC recording studio and full-service music company in New York City, Midtown West headed by Jay Rothman and Roman Dunn. We will be using this news section to update any one interested in recording studios in New York about what goes on at Mirrortone Recording Studios.

We'll be writing about the artists who come to record with us (those that don't mind us doing so, anyway), where you can hear their music, what it's like running a recording studio in New York City, what kind of gear we have, what kind of gear we wish we had, and all things recording, mixing, producing, composing, and mastering!

Check back from time to time, and definitely hit us up through our contact page if you'd like to come and record with us :)